What the wholedentalhealth.com?

Mission Statement

“A first person, critical narrative exploring and understanding  appropriate and available evidence focused on dental health improvement and its further implications and benefits for general health and well – being. Further more it questions, investigates, tests, reflects upon and understands new knowledge creation with implementation within my clinical workplace. The whole dental health approach is  non reductive, root cause focused and linked to general oral health improvement and clinical and client behaviour changes in line with my Scope of Practice and Standards Framework for Oral Health Practitioners. Whole dental health is safe, client centred, collaborative, reflective and creative.”


Context Begins 

The primordial soup of http://www.wholedentalhealth.com began in 2006 when Toni and I returned to UK from New Zealand after the fallout from a family health crisis. We established our new base with our three children in Woking, Surrey. Money was tight and we realised our spare time would have to be used wisely to enable us to live more “off the land”. We learned to til the soil, sow the seeds and listen to the seasons song over the next 7 years. Toni found a clump of unusual looking mushrooms near to our home on White Rose Lane.  You really do need to know your mushrooms when it comes to eating, indeed even far more than your onions! So our lives from 2008 onwards charted the path of researching, observing, understanding, learning implementing knowledge into the practice of our life. the outcomes were foraged, cultivated and locally sourced foods. We made fruit wines, preserves, grew all manner of vegetables and what we saved through it enabled us to buy good quality produce like meat from local butchers. We also began a wine journey too. Maybe not so healthy. These journeys are all reflected and reported in the other two blogs we set up. You’ll find them in the menu bar. Please feel welcomed to trawl through them as they are documented evidence on those early days. We haven’t even started talking about dentistry and dental health yet!

Cepes from White Rose Lane, Chanterelles from Puttenham Common on a three cheese toastie.

My first inkling that this lifestyle change might be connected to dental health and well – being was when a friend, Tim, who hand begun his epic professional journey beyond the UK scene, told me about the American Academy of Oral and Systemic Health, https://aaosh.org/. The eureka moment came after I went to an ISDH meeting in Switzerland. I meet my colleague and friend Tim once again. He had a FitBit on and as we walked from our campsite in Sancerre by the mighty River Loire towards the wine and cheese village of Chavignol I was struck by the technology and data accumulation of it. I had always walked, in ancient forests searching for nuts, fruit, berries and fungi, and my dog too but I had never measured it. I got one on my return from Europe Duty Free and began to measure my metrics. My curiosity into whole health came with Tim and Dave, another trusted colleague, communicating to me via social media the change within them whilst they listen at EuroPerio in Glasgow. The presenter was one Phillipe Hujoel, a dental academic from Washington State, USA. This was the first time nutrition in a dental context had caught their, and very quickly, my professional and personal imagination. My vertical learning journey had begun with a spark and was further rocketed by a book written by two New Zealand Nutritional Academics with the assistance of a high-end Chef. The catchy title had caught my eye. I ordered it immediately and starting reading “What the Fat!”

So, primarily I owe a lot to Phillipe, Grant, Karen, Craig, Tim and Dave for my present status. The key reveal is linking systemic and metabolic health improvement with nutritional and lifestyle adaptation and behaviour changes. Secondly, and maybe just as importantly, I began to notice, almost at the same time the words spoken in conversation with clients regarding their health status be it good, usually improved by following a dietary routine, be it Paleo, Keto, Atkins, Healthy or High Fat, Low or Slow Sugar, Whole or whatever diet. I had seen them change physically and emotionally as a consequence and as they revealed the story of this change I got and still to this day get more and more curious. This was visual living testament to the changes they had sought and achieved through nutritional and life style behaviour change.

What the Fat with Author’s Craig Rodger, Grant Schofield and Karen Zinn

I started following the High Fat, Low Sugar sugar concept. I had some fasting lipid, HBA1c and CRP measurements taken a year previously at the behest of being “over 50” from my doctor. I knew not what all the numbers meant at the time but thought nothing of it at the time. This was very soon to change as a consequence of “What The Fat”. I started to get very interested. New acronyms like HDL, LDL, APoA, APoB, GI and GL,  abbreviations such as Trigs, good or bad Cholesterol, High Density, Low Density LPS as well as a new load of nutritional techno babble filled my brain. Later follow-up tests and measurements indicated my nutritional and lifestyle behaviour changes were having a similar positive effect. I continued on my journey with a fascination to learn more, every dog walk turned into a Podcast or YouTube experience. New books were bought on the basis of these experiences. New activists were found, new material to read engaged.


There does appear to be a big increase in chronic non-communicable diseases and the association between them and modern nutritional and  lifestyle behaviours is growing stronger by the day. I began to sense that this “Band of Brothers” were extolling an important message. We appeared to have been led up the garden path by the big food and parma industry as well as medical and nutritional establishments. They had to silence, or try at least, those who were using the internet, social media and printed media to good effect. The first of these mavericks was Gary Taubes, followed by Nina Ticholz, Dr. Zoe Harcombe, Dr. Robert Lustig and Dr. Aseem Maholtra. A very special mention needs to go to Dr’s. Tim Noakes and Gary Fettke. These brave and fearless souls and their good deeds will be featured in this website in good time.


The need to put this out to my professional audience led me to negotiate with a dental supplies company to incorporate an Action Research Project I’d undertaken for almost a year as a result of this learning in with a product placement learning event. They seemed very suspicious initially as to its validity to the event but it worked out well in the end. More of this later too.

So, to end, I want http://www.wholedentalhealth.com to be a non reductive, qualitative and quantitative attempt to demonstrate and present the connection between dental and general health plus well-being and not just to follow the established models of health we are presented with today. It is an inclusive first person, reflective personal journey, with collaborations along the way, embodying action and alternative research for the purpose of new knowledge creation that investigates the new dental and health environments appearing on the horizon. I hope you can travel with me.

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