Month: May 2020

Part 12. Honey, Propolis, Fungi and Mushrooms, Uncommon Allies in Dental Healthcare and Humanity? A Reflective Personal and Professional Journey.

I can remember the moment that I discovered the beautiful truth of mushrooms. Upon a mound of grassed earth, about 5 metres square was a huge ancient oak tree, perched next to a minor road that led from the railway station to the leafy…

Part 11. Fluid Food for Thought – Health Benefits of Red Wine, Beer, Green Tea, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Recommended Dosages. A Whole Dental Health Reflective Perspective.

Ancient Roman Viaduct and Olive Trees at Nimes, Provence, France, 2019. Whilst on our 2019 learning odyssey in France we had the privilege to eat whole, real food from local markets and restaurants. It was a contrast to see how the French approached nutrition…

Part 10. Sustaining Host and Ecological Co-existence within the Habitat of the Mouth. A Whole Dental Health Journey.

    One can walk down any supermarket aisle and gaze in awe at the array of colourful, cleverly packaged and marketed dental health products. I have spent more years than I care to mention promoting their use to clients, many I now suspect…

Whole Dental Health

Whole Dental Health for a Progressive, Creative and Sustainable New World


Brewing techniques, beer and the ins and outs of running a small brewery in Northland NZ.

Pinotoriously Hoppy NZ

Pinot in all its glory, cool Kiwi craft beer plus shitz and giggles of course.

dharma shed

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the experts there are few – Shunryu Suzuki

The Science of Human Potential

Understanding how to be the best you can be. Professor Grant Schofield.


Conversations to take learning forward


History never really says "goodbye", it instead says "see you later".

Loire De Da - Old and New World Wine Adventures

The Land, It's People and their Wine

Off The Plot in New Zealand - The Ongoing Journey

Enabling Self Sufficiency and Sustainable in Abel Tasman