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2020, the year that wasn’t and was. a personal reflection. Never gonna give you up!

Toni, Rick and Clare in March at Christchurch Horncastle Arena We meet him, in Christchurch, the man responsible for one of the greatest Eighties hits, a hand shake, a smile of delight and the presentation to him of a bottle of Pinot Noir. It… Continue Reading “2020, the year that wasn’t and was. a personal reflection. Never gonna give you up!”

to bee or not to bee? is that the question? off the plot with Mark Part 1

If you’d have asked me when I embarked on my learning odyssey back in 2019 (boy that seems such a long time ago now) whether I’d be on a Level 3 Certificate Course in Apiculture, having two hives ready to host colonies of bees… Continue Reading “to bee or not to bee? is that the question? off the plot with Mark Part 1”

Reflection – workplace learning – Professional Development Day 9/11/20

“The day went very well. My presentation went off without a hitch and we all retired to the bar afterwards to relax and reflect“. Mark The day started at 08.30am and the whole team arrived in eager anticipation, a degree of anxiety and earnestness.… Continue Reading “Reflection – workplace learning – Professional Development Day 9/11/20”

Ongoing Conclusion

A year to the day 02 September 2020, a reflection on a radical year. September 2019 – August 2020. March the 23rd, is a day I will never forget. I thought, initially, it would be the last day I practised dental hygiene and strangely,… Continue Reading “Ongoing Conclusion”

Professional Development Planning and Reflection

A New Hope? Re-Registration for Dental Professionals in New Zealand. A Whole Dental Health Perspective, Appraisal and Reflection. “A competent Dental Hygienist understands current biological, physical, cultural, social, and psychological factors involved in dental and oral disease, and in attaining and maintaining oral health”.… Continue Reading “Professional Development Planning and Reflection”

Weston A. Price and notable more “modern” others

Progressive Dental Nutrition? Relating the Lessons of the Past with the Present. Weston A. Price. “We can now visualise our universe, its light, gravity and heat, its seasons, tides, and harvest, which prepare a habitation for the universe of vital forms, microscopic and majestic,… Continue Reading “Weston A. Price and notable more “modern” others”

Water fluoridation and alienation

Understanding the Nature and Intent of the Anti-Water Fluoridation Movement in the Context of My Workplace – A Whole Dental Health Reflection. If you want to assert a truth, first make sure it is not just an opinion that you desperately  want to be… Continue Reading “Water fluoridation and alienation”

Functional Foods, Pre and Probiotics

Xylitol:  In the dock and in the surgery In the Dock Dental caries can be defined as a carbohydrate modified transmissible local infection with saliva as a critical regulator1 and is a disease with a high prevalence in the European Union (EU) 2. In… Continue Reading “Functional Foods, Pre and Probiotics”

Azithromycin and Whitening –

Azithromycin – The Final Solution? I have been of the assumption of late that the once “trending” use of antibiotics as a form of adding a “sledgehammer” to the healing and repair process was defunct. I was also concerned about some of the low… Continue Reading “Azithromycin and Whitening –”

Environmental and Ecological Oral Health

Environmental Oral Hygiene – A Sustainable Approach to Whole Dental Health – Introduction and Intention It is Monday, 6th April here in New Zealand, and the world has changed and is now a different place. The roads are quieter, the streets are empty, less… Continue Reading “Environmental and Ecological Oral Health”

Whole Dental Health

“Come forth into the light of things, let nature be your teacher”. William Wordsworth. Client centred, ethical, Environmental and ecological sustainability in dental hygiene

Dr. Danenberg

Nutritional Periodontist


Brewing techniques, beer and the ins and outs of running a small brewery in Northland NZ.

Pinotoriously Hoppy NZ

Pinot in all its glory, cool Kiwi craft beer plus shitz and giggles of course.

dharma shed

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the experts there are few – Shunryu Suzuki

The Science of Human Potential

Understanding how to be the best you can be. Professor Grant Schofield.


Conversations to take learning forward


History never really says "goodbye", it instead says "see you later".

Loire De Da - Old and New World Wine Adventures

The Land, It's People and their Wine

Off The Plot in New Zealand - The Ongoing Journey

Enabling Self Sufficiency and Sustainable in Abel Tasman