This testament is dedicated to all those who express learning through a spectrum of experiences, curiosity, loving kindness, respect for others and humility. Your journey is mine. Mark

Whole Dental Health Contents

1. Journey’s Introduction

2. Mark and Toni’s Learning Odyssey July – August 2019 France, England, Scotland and the USA

  • England – Surrey, Hampshire and London.
  • France – Provence.
  • France – Dordogne.
  • France – Loire Valley.
  • France and England – Champagne and Somerset.
  • Scotland – The Highlands.
  • USA – Portland and Boulder.
  • Reflection.

3. Mark’s Professional Development Plan and Reflection

  • A New Hope? Re-Registration for Dental Professionals in New Zealand. A Whole Dental Health Perspective, Appraisal and Reflection.
  • A Personal and Professional Reflective Journey into an Unknown and Uncertain Future. Whole Dental Health, A Brave New World.
  • Developing my PDA’s and PDP in the Light of Future Changes to Recertification. Redesigning from 2019 to 2022. Whole Dental Health – A Brave New World.
  • 9/11:20 Workplace Learning @ Quin and reflection.
  • Quin Dental Orthodontic/Tropic Hygiene Protocol.
  • Quin /Nelson Dental Centre Hygiene Protocol.
  • 2020, The year that wasn’t and was. A personal reflection. Never gonna give you up!
  • Final thoughts and reflections on a new world country gone mad. The end of the whole dental health project and the beginning of another.

4. Ecological and Environmental Oral Health – Working with Nature

  • Environmental Oral Hygiene – A Sustainable Approach to Whole Dental Health – Introduction and Intention.
  • Joellen Coates – University of Wyoming – Honours Thesis – “Got Teeth? How the Oral Microbiome and Diet Affects our Oral Health and the Future of Dentistry.” Aligned with Whole Dental Health? A Reflection.
  • The Oral, Systemic and Metabolic links to Whole Dental Health. A Personal Journey and Overview.
  • Sustaining Host and  Ecological Co-existence within the Habitat of the Mouth. A Whole Dental Health Journey.

5. Action Research – Inquiry Learning

  • Context – The first step in this long journey of new knowledge creation through action research  –  2017
  • Action Research – At the Beginning.
  • My Living Contradiction – A Reflection.
  • O’Hehir University Project Part 1: A DCP Pilgrims Progress – A Simple Journey into Dental Health Improvement.
  • O’Hehir University Project Part 2: A DCP Pilgrims Progress – A Simple Journey into Dental Health Improvement.
  • Unorthodoxy in Learning. Testing a Workplace Concept – Carl R. Rogers –  Supporting Authentic Online Learning at O’Hehir University – A Narrative Account.
  • Airflow Action Research – Product into Practice.
  • Mentoring – Guiding the Learning Journey.
  • Designing Hygiene Intervention Protocols for my Practice – Whole Dental Health – Part’s  1 and 2.

6. Functional Foods, Pre and Probiotics

  • Xylitol: In the Dock and in the Surgery.
  • Fluid Food for Thought – Health Benefits of Red Wine, Beer, Green Tea, and Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Recommended Dosages. A Whole Dental Health Reflective Perspective.
  • Honey, Propolis, Fungi and Mushrooms, Uncommon Allies in Dental Healthcare and Humanity? A Reflective Personal and Professional Journey.

7. Azithromycin and Xylitol

  • Azithromycin – The Final Ecological Solution?
  • Doing the White Thing? Reviewing and Changing my Practice in the Light of Evidence, Experience and Reflection.

8. Water Fluoridation and Alienation

  • Understanding the Nature and Intent of the Anti-Water Fluoridation Movement in the Context of My Workplace – A Whole Dental Health Reflection.

9Myo Facial Therapy

  • Mr James Nestor – Breath – Oro Myofunctional Therapy – Kimberley Benkert. A Review and Reflection, Ongoing.

10. Thought Leaders in Natural Health

  • Progressive Dental Nutrition? Relating the Lessons of the Past with the Present. Weston A. Price
  • The Gang of Five. Alternative approaches to Dental Disease Prevention and Celebrating the Diversity of Progressive opinions. Whole Dental Health and Beyond.
  • Reflections – Robert Lustig’s Metabolical Chapter 5 and O’Hehir University’s Recent Interview With Me.

11. Oral Hygiene Products

  • Ingredients in toothpastes, Pro and Prebiotics we sell at Quin.

12. Behaviour Change

  • Motivational Interviewing is a Collaborative Style of Counselling which is both Client Centred and Directed to Help Recognise a Problem that is an Issue for Them and They (may) want to do Something about.

13. Offtheplot – A Journey into Tangental Learning

  • Too bee or not too bee? Is that the question? Part 1.
  • Mushroom Supernova – Tangential Learning in Temperamental Times and Temperate Places.

14. Mark’s Bio and Resume

15. Mentoring with Mark

16. Elemental Dental Health – Ongoing in England

  • A Year to the Day 02 September 2020, a Reflection on a Radical Year. September 2019 – August 2020.



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