7. Part 9. Understanding the Nature and Intent of the Anti-Water Fluoridation Movement in the Context of My Workplace – A Whole Dental Health Reflection.

6. Part 10. Sustaining Host and Ecological Co-existence within the Habitat of the Mouth. A Whole Dental Health Journey.

5. COVID 19. Part 5. A Personal and Professional Reflective Journey into an Unknown, Known and uncertain Future. Whole Dental Health, A Brave New World.

4. Part 4. A New Hope? Re Registration for Dental Professionals in New Zealand. A Whole Dental Health Perspective, Appraissal and Reflection.

3. Part 3. Learning and Living with my Contradictions as a Dental Hygienist. Evolving Knowledge in the Light of Change.

Part 2. Joellen Coates – University of Wyoming – Honours Thesis – “Got Teeth?            How the Oral Microbiome and Diet Affects our Oral Health and the Future of              Dentistry.” Aligned with Whole Dental Health? A Reflection.

Part 1. Authentic Learning – Environmental Oral Hygiene – A Sustainable Approach to Whole Dental Health – Introduction and Intention

Reflection – The Last Six Months – Adapting to the Past, Present and the clinical future – A change journey in Mark James

Experimental Learning Journey Reflective and Call to Action

The following are a series of reflections that recount my learning journey July and August 2019

Reflection Week 7 and 8

A conversation with a Sustainability Lead for the NHS changes the direction of our journey. Physically and geographically too we move onwards to the liberal state of Oregon, urban farming and healing, to Colorado with community supported agriculture and Greta Thumberg creates waves within world environmentalism. We calculate our carbon footprint and begin our own personal journey into sustainability.

Reflection Week 6

Scotland beckons, wild free food abounds and community celebrated in the Highland Aboyne Games. Ceremony, tradition and a very special visit to a local church occurs with its seasonal majestic member of the congregation. A visit to an organic farm in Morayshire bestows more knowledge and simple local food, gathered within its bounds complimenting Scottish offal, namely, Haggis.

Reflection Week 5

Our final stay in France leads to Champagne and a food event on Relais Du Sillery, a restaurant sourcing food locally including, as we hoped, a sojourn into all things offal. The odyssey continues into the south and south west of England where professional developmental activities are undertaken in Brighton. Friends and family bring well-being and connection to the trip as well as a journey to the big cathedral in Wells.

Reflection Week 4

Northwards, again, once more towards the Loire Valley crossing well trodden Pilgrim walks of France. We pay homage to wine and spend time with Phillipe Raimbault, the owner and producer of red and wine wine in this famous wine making region. We kayak the River Cher crossing revealed Roman bridges more often hidden underwater when the mighty Cher is not so dry.

Reflection Week 3

Northwards into the centre of France, where walnut trees abound and the seasonality of French fare is established with wild mushrooms, foie gras and all things saturated fat. The hunter gatherer food culture is further demonstrated by the discovery of stone age art in caves in Perigueux. We look at the French paradox and all things regarding the myths of fat being bad.

Reflection Week 2

The first week in France takes us way south to Provence, the land where seasonal and locally produced foods in market places still holds president. Goats cheeses and olive oils of quality and description can be sourced locally and regionally, demonstrating also the pride the French have in their produce.

Reflection Week 1

The journey from Nelson, Tasman via Wellington to the UK. Resting in the North Downs in Surrey always further investigations into the subject of whole foods, the purchasing, benefits and gathering of them comes to the fore initially with a change to more market place produce and locally sourced. A visit to Wisley Gardens and London’s Borough Market provides more learning regarding the multiple benefits of plants and multicultural foods.

The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry. No matter how carefully a project is planned, something may still go wrong with it. Robert Burns, To a mouse.

Reflection on learning 1

” I am not impressed by letters after names but would find it in my mind to seek their discourse, where others would shy away and accept their authority as a “given.” I am also aware of the towering presence of the interests of others who benefit from our lack (willful ignorance) of wanting to gain knowledge and not knowing or caring how or where to achieve it. 

Reflection on learning 2

I am careful not to impose my will and idealogy and, where necessary, encourage guided debate to where there are agreements and not appear aggressive or critical where there maybe differences of opinion or experiences. This is only natural but refreshing too as growth can come from it.

Reflection on Action Research

“I could smell the sweat,  carbon and oil in the pictures I drew for Mrs Edwards and she in turn gave me freedom to learn. Teach and preach at me meaninglessly and I will rebel, give me the meaning and method to learn on my own, in my own time and I will thrive and take up the mantle.”

Whole Dental Health

Whole Dental Health for a Progressive, Creative and Sustainable New World


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Pinotoriously Hoppy NZ

Pinot in all its glory, cool Kiwi craft beer plus shitz and giggles of course.

dharma shed

In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the experts there are few – Shunryu Suzuki

The Science of Human Potential

Understanding how to be the best you can be. Professor Grant Schofield.


Conversations to take learning forward


History never really says "goodbye", it instead says "see you later".

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